Dave Filoni is taking on more Star Wars projects — here’s why that’s a good thing


Dave Filoni is among a handful of directors expected to take on episodes of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian  Fans are getting more Filoni – and we’re not mad about it.

This week, fans received more news about Jon Favreau’s upcoming live-action TV series than we ever could have hoped for.

Favreau first posted the show’s title and synopsis on Instagram on October 4.

The Mandalorian will take place after the fall of the Empire, between Episodes VI and VII.

StarWars.com revealed the show’s list of directors and the first official image. Big names include Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard’s daughter!), Deborah Chow, and Dave Filoni – yes, of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels fame.

Let me repeat that: Dave Filoni is taking on a live-action Star Wars project. A small part. But he’s really doing it.

Star Wars confirmed Filoni will direct the first episode of the series. And that’s more exciting than you might realize.

Up until this point, Filoni has acted as the Supervising Director on the animated series The Clone Wars (87 episodes) and Rebels (4 episodes) in addition to being credited as the writer and producer of various episodes of both shows.

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He has also, according to IMDb, recorded dialogue for a number of Star Wars projects.

And though he isn’t working day-to-day on Star Wars Resistance, he is the show’s creator, playing a big part in a Star Wars show specifically geared toward a younger demographic.

He’s obviously talented when it comes to making Star Wars things – and writing, directing, and producing, in general. He’s the brilliance behind the ultimate success of The Clone Wars (thanks to George) and likely the reason we’re getting more episodes next year after the show’s 2013 cancellation.

He deserves to be given more. Maybe giving him a live-action episode to direct is a test of sorts. He can direct storytelling and voice acting and all the pieces that come together to make the animated shows work. What can he do with live-action sets, actors, and scripts?

If he executes this next project as brilliantly as we know he will, will Kathleen Kennedy and company give him his own TV show or movie (or movie trilogy???) to do with what he pleases?


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He gets it. He listens to the fans. He understands the parts of Star Wars that give us the warm fuzzies while also introducing us to new material. He’s found that sweet spot between hitting us with nostalgia and generously expanding our Star Wars horizons.

Having worked in Star Wars stories for over a decade, he’s not new to how this works. He wouldn’t just write or produce or direct a great live-action movie or show. He’d create a masterpiece.

Even if you weren’t the biggest Rebels fan, you have to admit it tied together some pretty important pieces of Star Wars canon. If you loved it, it broke your heart into a thousand pieces and you’re still not over it but IT’S FINE.

Filoni’s future in the Star Wars universe looks promising. The Force is definitely with him – and so are his fans.

If Filoni made his own Star Wars show or movie, what should it be about?