It’s not the time to boycott Star Wars Marvel comics


Some Chuck Wendig supports are calling for a boycott of Marvel comics, but a boycott isn’t the right answer.

When Chuck Wendig revealed Marvel fired him, reaction on the internet was swift with some fans of the Star Wars author called for a boycott of all things Marvel.

This isn’t the right time for a boycott of Marvel Comics.

While you may not agree with Marvel’s decisions (and many of us here don’t), boycotting has negative consequences as has been seen by the Star Wars boycotters.

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Firstly, there are plenty of Marvel creators who need support. There are still those working for the company, who may not have the luxury of being able to speak out the way Wendig has, and they need support.

Wendig didn’t tell the world about his firing to hurt those who work for Marvel. No, it was more of a shocking turn of events for a person who is outspoken and knows the privilege he is afforded to give his opinions and also handle the risks that come with it. Many other creators don’t have that luxury.

Secondly, if you don’t agree (and many of us don’t), let Marvel know (contact Marvel here). Make your voice heard. Tell them you don’t agree with their practices, including the firing of Wendig. That doesn’t mean to curse, rant and rave, but instead explain your stance.

Also, be discriminatory in your purchases. Pick and choose the comics you read, and support the creators who you want to get behind.

There is a topsy-turvy time for Star Wars fans with the call of boycotts happening as often as you get a cup of coffee in the morning.

The only problem with boycotts is that there aren’t really any winners if the goal of the boycott is successful. Look at the boycott a group of Star Wars called for, and we wound up a slow down of the movies.

If you boycott Marvel (or Star Wars), you lose out in great storytelling and escaping into a world that makes you feel like a kid every time. Creators also lose jobs so things we love go away.

Having said all that, I’m also not going to tell how to spend your money. If you want to boycott Marvel, then that’s your choice, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be nasty in the process. But I would hope fans would support those creators working to make a living, the ones that don’t have the luxury of being able to speak their minds and defend themselves in the way they choose.

But it should definitely be known we don’t support attacks on people or companies, but we do support fair criticism and conversations about injustices.

I appreciated Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy because he created a world that is lot more recognizable to me with a wide range of characters from different walks of life. That kind of storytelling shouldn’t be shut down.

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We are, however, reserving the right to change our minds if new information surfaces.

We say don’t boycott Marvel, for now, but instead support other creators in the comic world.