Star Wars Resistance: Season 1, Episode 3 recap – The Triple Dark


Kaz saves the Colossus from the pirates, but there is more to the attack than anyone realizes on Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz’s primary job is as a Resistance spy. But you can’t spy all the time, especially when you have no idea what you’re looking for. That’s why Kaz has to work on his cover as a mechanic on Star Wars Resistance.

I mean, talking about being a spy all the time, will eventually blow your cover.

In Season 1, Episode 3 of Star Wars Resistance, Kaz was kind of bad in both of his roles.

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Since he was so focused on being a Resistance spy, he made a fool of himself as a mechanic. When he tried to work on ships, it didn’t go well either, looking like a bust and a lair (which, technically, he is).

As we’ll see in episodes of Star Wars Resistance, there was a lesson for Kaz and he seemed to have learned it by the end of the 22 minutes. He has to maintain his cover by working as a mechanic but also to simply live.

Kaz spent most of The Triple Dark running from various enemies such as Grevel, who is looking to collect his debt, and then pirates trying to raid the Colossus. Even though Kaz still shows some immaturity, he did show his quick thinking that helped the entire station without anyone realizing it.

There’s more to Colossus than just the First Order, Kaz learned, but is there really?

Kaz used a communicator dropped by a pirate ally to fry their comms and navigation. The Resistance spy did more than he realized because it turns out the pirates were acting on the orders of Captain Phasma (voice by Gwendoline Christie), and Major Vonreg of the First Order.

The First Order don’t know the Resistance have someone on board the Colossus, but it seems the people on the station don’t really know what the First Order and the Resistance are. Given Star Wars Resistance takes place about six months before The Force Awakens, the First Order hasn’t made its signature move yet with destroying the Hosnian System with Starkiller Base.

It will be a short time until everyone knows about the First Order.

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But what does the First Order want with Colossus? That’s the big question. It seems to be a priority because why else would Captain Phasma get involved with the terrorism of the station?

The pirates aimed to destroy the refueling station, so is destruction the plan or is there something the First Order needs?

That’s what we’ll wait to find out as Star Wars Resistance continues.

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