The Mandalorian: Favreau teases us with possible Boba Fett connection


Jon Favreau posted an image on Instagram of props from Star Wars’ The Mandalorian and one of them has a possible connection to Boba Fett.

Jon Favreau enjoys teasing us.

First, he gives us info on The Mandalorian in perfect Star Wars fashion, then he drops an image that leaves Star Wars fans asking plenty of questions.

It was just an image of a prop and yet the collective Star Wars universe is dissecting every bit they can from Favreau’s Instagram images. The images show what looks to be a canister and a type of rifle.

We presume they’re related to The Mandalorian because what else is he working on at the moment that would use these types of props? It’s not as though Favreau offered any explanations in his captions – because there weren’t any at all.

So, here’s what we know:

The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter after the time of the fall of the Empire. Boba Fett has been mentioned (since he wore Mandalorian armor) in relation to the show, but not that he will start in it.

There’s also been stormtroopers spotted on set, and we have a theory of what that means.

Here’s what we can guess:

Look more closely at the long rifle. Does it look familiar?

A long time ago (when many Star Wars fans were just kids – or yet to be born), George Lucas put out The Star Wars Holiday Special. It was a cartoon that many have tried to forget about. But we will never, ever let it go.

Here’s why it’s important though. That long gun in Favreau’s pic is similar to the one Boba Fett used in the holiday special as pointed out by several fans in the comments section of the IG post and Heroic Hollywood. Now, there can’t be just one of these guns in existence. Even with lightsabers being unique to the user, there are more than one.

Does the rifle belong to Boba Fett? Probably not because there is that situation with the Sarlacc.

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Either way, Favreau continues to tease us, which probably won’t end anytime soon, and we say bring it on. Eventually, he will put out so many images, some exceptional Star Wars fans will manage to put all the clues together to give us more.

Or we’ll just continue to speculate as best we can.