Fans debate over the animation in Star Wars: Resistance


With a different animation style than before, fans continue the debate over Star Wars: Resistance. We look at the pros and cons.

Three episodes into Star Wars: Resistance and the animated series is showing promise. With Kaz as novice spy, he still has a lot to learn, but that’s all part of a growing process any lead will go through.

Yet, one thing Star Wars fans continue to debate over is the animation.

It’s not the same as The Clone Wars and Rebels, but that doesn’t make it better or worse … it’s just different. Fans have their opinions as they like one style over the other. Regardless of the animation, it still doesn’t take away from the story, which should be the most important aspect of the series.

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But the debate will rage on with Star Wars: Resistance fans and we look at the pros and cons to both.

For for Star Wars: Resistance animation

While the series is geared toward a younger audience, which you can tell by the dialogue, an older generation of fans may appreciate the animation because it looks more like what many of them grew up with.

The anime-inspired style is not unique to Star Wars: Resistance, it’s just different than what many are used, especially if you have been watching The Clone Wars and Rebels for the past 10 years.

There are also a sect of fans who love this style. It allows for beautifully depicted scenes such as the storm coming toward the Colossus in The Triple Dark. It also allows for a little leeway in the animation where things don’t have to be perfect.

STAR WARS RESISTANCE – “Fuel for the Fire” – “Star Wars Resistance,” a new animated series that takes place prior to the events of “The Force Awakens,” takes flight with a one-hour premiere SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. (Lucasfilm)


Cons for Star Wars: Resistance animation

At times, the animation is a bit clunky. There is a very strange thing going on with the proportions of the characters with the lower half of the bodies way too stretched out. The droids look good, it’s the humans that are a bit off.

For the most part, the characters aren’t generally shown in full body shots, showing them either waist high, in crouching positions or in a cockpit.

Walking is also a bit off, too, as Kaz sometimes looks like he is gliding down a hallway when casually strolling with to BB-8.

The Clone Wars and Rebels did offer a more lifelike feel to them with the CGI output, but that didn’t make it live-action. The characters just had different movements and resembled human (or alien) actions more so than other animation styles.

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Whatever your preference, Star Wars: Resistance has a story to tell. So far, it’s tying in the movies with a greater world in different ways than we’re used to seeing – and that makes it a fun watch.

Which style do you prefer? Hit the comments below and let us know

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