Star Wars Resistance: What happened to Yeager’s family?


There’s more to Yeager than we realize on Star Wars Resistance and we’re slowly learning more about his past.

Even though Kaz is the focal character of Star Wars Resistance, his teammates and boss tend to be a bit more interesting. It’s likely because we don’t really know much about them, but the little bits and pieces we do learn only add to the intrigue.

Take for example, Yeager. As Kaz’s pseudo boss and cover aboard the Colossus, we received small snippets of his background in his initial conversation with Poe Dameron. They knew each other well and Yeager has been linked to the Resistance.

In Fuel for the Fire, we get a slightly deeper look into Yeager’s past.

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While Kaz is in Yeager’s private office (after breaking and entering), he finds a picture frame that contains a couple of digital photos. One shows Yeager as a pilot with the Resistance. The other shows what seems to be Yeager’s family.

He looked happy in both, and we haven’t yet seen a smile from Yeager yet on Star Wars Resistance.

There are a lot of presumptions that we could make regarding those images and Yeager’s current situation that would explain a lot about him, but they make sense.

It seems Yeager was once part of the Resistance. He doesn’t doubt their existence or the presence and threat of the First Order. He just doesn’t want anything to do with them. Based on his and Poe’s conversation, Yeager and members of the Resistance had a falling out.

It could be that he lost his family. Either they died in a scuffle with the First Order or they are living some place else to keep them safe. Either way, Yeager is not with his family and he misses them dearly, which you can tell by the way he looks at the photo.

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Yeager doesn’t seem to blame the Resistance outright, but he also wants nothing to do with them. He reluctantly takes Kaz under his wing, but you can also understand a little bit more why Yeager is so hard on him.

Yeager understands that spying, fighting, and working for the Resistance isn’t a game. There are real consequences. So far, Kaz hasn’t taken it seriously and makes it seem like it’s all a big show. Yeager’s toughness toward Kaz is also about protecting him, which Kaz will realize in time.

Star Wars Resistance has more in store for us with the characters. It will all be revealed in time.

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