Star Wars Resistance releases “Fuel for the Fire” preview


Star Wars Resistance released a new preview clip for “Fuel for the Fire.” Elijah Wood will be voicing a character in the upcoming episode.

Star Wars Resistance is a couple episodes in now and it’s shaping up to tell a fun story about Kaz being a spy for the Resistance. While we don’t know the extent of what he’ll find, he’s a character who has a lot of room for growth.

In “Fuel for the Fire,” Elijah Wood guest voices as Rucklin. We don’t know much about the character, but we do know that he is a sky racer. In the episode, Rucklin and Kaz become friends, but Rucklin puts Kaz up to something that can surely get him in trouble.

Trouble is the last thing Kaz needs and he certainly needs no help getting into it. He does that just fine on his own.

The preview gives us a look at a friendly race between Kaz and Rucklin on a pair of bikes, which isn’t what Kaz is usually on. It’s a fun little moment to give us a taste of what’s to come in the next episode.

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“Fuel for the Fire” promises some danger, though, as Rucklin convinces Kaz to steal rare hyperfuel. What could possibly go wrong by stealing from Yaeger? I’m betting it’s nothing good. However, we’ll have to wait and see what the ultimate outcome is and if Kaz gets himself into too much trouble this time.

Star Wars Resistance airs on Sundays at 10 PM on the Disney Channel. Don’t miss out!