5 Last-minute DIY Star Wars Halloween costumes anyone can do


Need a costume for Halloween and have run out of time? Don’t worry, we have five last-minute Star Wars ideas to help you pull off a great costume.

Looking for a last-minute DIY Star Wars costume that won’t cost too much or take all day to assemble?

There are so many ways to dress up as your favorite character from a galaxy far, far away, or just represent your fandom at a Halloween bash. Nobody wants to be running around at the last minute putting their costume together, but these things happen!

It’s actually not that hard to accidentally dress up like a Star Wars character. Watching Solo: A Star Wars Story, I realized that Qira was one of the first Star Wars characters whose clothes I may actually own in real life.

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All you need is a black dress and a statement necklace. Remember that meme from 2013 about how all college girls dress like Han Solo? That would actually be a good last-minute costume, if you don’t mind starting all conversations at parties with “remember that meme” and potentially over-explaining the joke.

Here are some last-minute ideas/inspiration that should help you pull something fun and memorable together at the last second — and you don’t even have to be particularly crafty to do it.

1. Ruth Vader Ginsburg

Good artists borrow, great artists steal — and this last-minute pun costume (just a Vader mask, a judge’s robe, and some embellishing) that went viral this week is not only super easy to pull off, perfect for men and women, and you could probably use the platform to convince people to vote in the Midterm elections while you’re out partying! Nothing bad has ever come from Star Wars fandom mixing with modern day politics, right?

2. Lowkey Aayla Secura

Looking for a sexy Star Wars costume that’s not slave Leia, now that you’re grown up and re-thinking the implications of that whole skeevy situation? Grab some blue hair spray, blue face paint, a blue lightsaber, pigtail braid your hair and wear a brown crop top/sports bra with brown leggings, or even jeans to become a chill Twi’lek. It’s like a nice cross between Disney bounding and cosplaying.

3. Rejected Solo: A Star Wars Story Han

Got a vest, a henley, and access to a printer so you can use a picture of yourself to make a quick headshot & résumé? Congratulations, you’re one of Hollywood’s many hopefuls who lost out to Alden Ehrenreich in the end.

Bonus Solo-inspired idea: wear one cape, carry two more, and you’re Lando’s cape closet.

4. Force Ghost

You know how some people throw on a bathrobe and call themselves a Jedi? See that level of laziness and add a lightsaber to a DIY sheet ghost. Use a blue sheet for extra authenticity.

5. Vulptex

The easiest Last Jedi-inspired costume idea might be to throw on all red and call yourself a Praetorian Guard. Or, if you’re the type of person who likes to use Halloween as an excuse to put on your fanciest clothes, go as a Canto Bight casino enthusiast.

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However, a super fun and easy to scrap together costume would be one of those crystal foxes that show up on the salty planet Crait. All you’d need to do is buy a fox ear headband and use a hot glue gun to attach some clear plastic toothpicks from the grocery store. Maybe add some extra spikes to the collar and shoulders of a tank top (and/or a tail) if you have the time, too!

Got a Star Wars Halloween costume for this year? Let us know in the comments who you plan on dressing like this year.