Tips and Tricks for using General Grievous in Battlefront II


General Grievous is now available in Star Wars Battlefront II and we have some tips and tricks for you to use when playing the new unlockable character.

The time has finally come for a new hero to be added to Star Wars Battlefront II. The droid general himself, General Grievous!  Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

Before you play multiplayer, try arcade 

Because the level of hype has been built up since June, everyone wants to play as the Separatist warlord. Don’t be intimated if you can’t play as him right away in Galactic Assault or Heroes vs. Villains.

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Instead, give arcade a try to test out his abilities and star cards so you are familiar with them when you do unlock him. For me personally, I played onslaught on Kessel with double hero health, one hit kills and last stand on to see how far I could get with him.

Basics of his abilities 

Lightsaber Thrust

Grievous lunges forward with all four lightsabers in a stabbing motion, killing anything it hits. At the time of this writing, it’s still a bit glitchy, but it can be effective if used correctly.

I have found his ability is most useful in one-on-one scenarios when an opponent has a high rate of fire. It helps close the distance, and then allows you to use his more standard attacks to finish any other nearby enemies. You can increase the distance and damage dealt with star card upgrades.

Unrelenting Advance 

Grievous’s arguably most iconic move, in which he advances towards an enemy with two lightsabers spinning, is the unrelenting advance. This ability blocks all frontal damage, as well as dealing massive damage to anything he hits.

While this ability is awesome in its appearance, it should only really be used when advancing down hallways and other narrow paths with large amounts of enemies directly in front of you. Grievous greatly slows his pace, and the turn radius is incredibly slow. But if you have all your enemies in front of you, this ability can be a huge momentum shift.

Claw Rush 

The Claw Rush is definitely the most peculiar of Grievous’s abilities as he turns into a spider and skirts away as fast as he can. He also does damage to anyone he runs into.

This ability is great in two situations. The best time to use it when you need to cross large open areas of a map quickly. Grievous can deflect blaster bolts, but not as well as force-users can, so it’s not ideal to let yourself be open to as many angles of attack as possible.

It’s also another good ability to use when you have multiple enemies in front of you in narrow passages, as you can close the gap and do damage at the same time.

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In the end, you want to use Grievous in the same way as he is seen on-screen. Attack with overwhelming force, but then retreat when the going gets tough.