Star Wars: What are Benioff and Weiss planning for their trilogy?


The Game of Thrones duo will begin work on a new Star Wars trilogy soon. The question is, what will it be about?

I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t seen a lot of Game of Thrones. I know that might be treasonous to say, but it’s true. I got through the first season and most of the second before my free month of HBO ran out, and I wasn’t about to pony up 15 dollars a month for it.

That being said, I loved what little of it I was able to watch. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the talented duo whose show has dominated TV for about seven years now, are masters of their craft. They’re the Jordan and Pippen of Hollywood right now. So, when the news came out that they were undertaking a new Star Wars trilogy, one thought kept going through my mind:

There’s no way this can be a bad thing.

I feel like Benioff and Weiss would have to genuinely try to make this trilogy bad. They’re already seasoned vets in the fantasy genre, so I think that the transition to the space opera side of things could be a smooth one.

We know this trilogy is in good hands. What we don’t know is what the trilogy’s focused on. So, I’ll run through some possibilities, ones that I’d throw money down to see. Actually, scratch that – I’m throwing money down to see this no matter what it is.

Yoda trilogy

Image Courtesy: Lucasfilm

If you really think about it, what do we actually know about Yoda? Don’t know what species he is, don’t know his home planet, don’t know who his master was. What we do know about Yoda:

  • He was over 900 when he died.
  • He trained Luke, Dooku, and Obi-Wan (to some degree).
  • He’s the wisest of all the Jedi.
  • He’s the GOAT of all Jedi and would captain the Jedi dream team.
  • He’d be the best guidance counselor you ever had.

I don’t know how Benioff and Weiss would stretch Yoda’s story out over three movies, but that’s for them to figure out. I just think that there’s so much we don’t know about Palpatine’s little green friend, and there’s enough here to warrant a trilogy.

Knights of Ren

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

I want you to look long and hard at that picture. Now, tell me that you don’t want to know more about those guys. You can’t.

To put it nicely, The Last Jedi left me unsatisfied. I wanted more. I wasn’t expecting to get a bunch of Knights of Ren material, but then again, I wasn’t expecting come away with nothing. No, I didn’t even get one-quarter portion. I felt like I walked into Pawn Stars and didn’t get the number I was wanting to hear.

I know there’s a fair amount of you who might not be Kylo fans. I get it, I do. Still, I think that a Knights of Ren trilogy could mend those wounds. If Benioff and Weiss are able to make him seem sympathetic, maybe give a little background on his training with Luke and the other Knights, and then top it off with the screw-up that Luke talked about in TLJ, it could be worth it.

Knights of the Old Republic

Photo Credit: Bioware

I really don’t need to explain myself here.

The hype and desire for a KOTOR trilogy is very real. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s one of the great games of all time, it gave us some of the best characters that the Star Wars franchise has to offer (Revan, Malak), and is just as fun the hundredth time you play it as the first time. It just makes sense for KOTOR to make the leap to the big screen.

Think about how big Infinity War felt and looked when you saw it. KOTOR would be just as grand in scale, if not grander. Knights of the Old Republic would warrant a massive scale trilogy – I’m talking juiced-up Barry Bonds massive. 

This would be my pick for Benioff and Weiss. They’ve mastered the battle scenes in Game of Thrones, so this ought to be a breeze.

Plagueis/Sidious/Maul mashup

Photo Credit: [Star Wars Rebels] Lucasfilm, Cartoon NetworkIf there’s one thing I could see in Game of Thrones, it’s that those characters never stopped trying to get more power. What’s the name of the game for the Sith? Power. This would be a theme that Benioff and Weiss are quite familiar with.

So, what do I mean by mashup? Well, if you’ve ever read the Darth Plagueis novel by James Luceno, you know that all three of these Sith Lords are vital parts of the book’s story. Plagueis trains Sidious, Sidious finds Maul and trains him as his apprentice, Maul begins to take shape, and the rest is history.

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But that’s just it – it doesn’t have to be history. Benioff and Weiss could step in and make that Legends material into canon. I’ve already got the blueprint for them, so they can just call me up when they’re ready.

Here it is: the first movie focuses on Plagueis finding Palpatine. Give us a little background on Palpatine’s upbringing on Naboo, but I want to see some hardcore training sessions and Force mind-bending at work.

Second movie: Palpatine begins his plot against Plagueis, finds Maul on Dathomir, then begins training him.

Third movie: we get to see first-person just how “ironic” Plagueis’s death was, while at the same time we see Maul beginning to progress in his training and Palpatine’s ultimate plan gets set into motion.

I must say, it sounds like a beauty. Maybe not a Margot Robbie-level beauty, but a beauty nonetheless.

Look, like I said, Benioff and Weiss would have to try to make this trilogy bad. I didn’t even see Game of Thrones all the way through and I’m confident that Lucasfilm made a good choice here. Alas, we’ll have to wait until 2019 to learn for ourselves.

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