Weiss and Benioff: What the GOT showrunner will bring to Star Wars


From HBO to Lucasfilm: Weiss and Benioff make the jump from Westeros to a Galaxy far, far away, directing a brand-new Star Wars trilogy.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard by now that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have been hired to produce a series of new Star Wars films – a trilogy to be exact. They’re the duo who successfully brought the Game Of Thrones series to the silver screen. Even if you’re not of fan of the HBO fantasy series, there’s plenty of reason to be excited by this news. And if you’re a fan of Legends, there’s a chance your favorites stories will come to the big screen.

Will Legends again become Canon?

If there’s anything we know about Weiss and Benioff, it’s that their best work has been adapting previously written material. Whether or not you have a gripe with the last season of GOT, there’s no denying that they’ve done an incredible job bringing the novels to life.

They’ve been able to retell an incredibly complex story with countless characters in a way that resonates with the audience. This makes this duo the right fit to adapt some of the more complex storylines in the Star Wars Universe. One such storyline is the Knights of the Old Republic.

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Are we getting a KOTOR film series?

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Knights of the Old Republic and the Old Republic are two of Star Wars most successful video game Franchises. Both have spawned a series of comics and novels that help supplement the game’s storyline and are encompassing with the battle between its most essential factions — the Sith Empire and the Jedi led Galactic Republic.

If Weiss and Benioff were to adapt these stories, they would have a dearth of material to choose from. And if massive battles between the Sith and Jedi weren’t enticingly enough, perhaps we can get a taste of the Mandalorians in all their glory.

Weiss and Benioff have more than proven that they are up to the task in taking on such a grandiose universe. If they have in fact been brought and to work on an Old Republic film series, Lucasfilm has chosen the right pair. They’ll treat the source material with the reverence it deserves. And they’ll also make the tough decisions on what will and won’t make it to the screen.

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A change in the tone of Star Wars Stories?

We can also expect Star Wars films will slightly more mature themes. Although Lucasfilm likely has no intentions of making an R-Rated Star Wars movie, that doesn’t mean that the films can’t explore the more mature subject matter.

Also, the saga films deal almost exclusively with the absolute of good vs. evil. It would be refreshing to get more Star Wars film that explores the grey areas we all live in.It’s something George Lucas attempted with Anakin’s “decision” in the prequel trilogy but did not execute well.

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It is safe to say that Star Wars is in good hands with Weiss in Benioff. We know that they’ll do their best to provide us with a compelling story. They’ll also bring in directors who’ll help the man achieve their vision. Fear not Star Wars fans, the future team the franchise is looking bright.