5 great Star Wars YouTube Channels you need to follow


YouTube has become a tool for Star Wars fans to break down theories, ideas and discuss their opinions. Here are five channels to subscribe to.

Fandoms evolve all the time with theories and breakdowns, and Star Wars fans seem to take their love to YouTube. As a fan myself, I’ve watched dozens, if not hundreds of theory and breakdown videos.

In this list, I will share five of my favorite Star Wars YouTube channels. Please note, none of these are ranked from best to worst.

5. Generation Tech

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The first channel on our list is Generation Tech. Hosted by Allen and Ben, the channel’s videos delve into everything from theories to lists about everything Star Wars related.

The pair has their own ‘cause’ where they’re fearful dolphins will rule the world. Their hashtag? #HumanityFirst. My favorite videos include anything to do with The Clone Wars period. I also love the ‘What If’ videos they do.

Generation Tech has 290k subscribers.

4. Star Wars Theory

Another favorite channel is Star Wars Theory. The guy that runs it writes ‘What If’ scenarios or fanfiction. He’s come up with excellent theories to ‘what if’ scenarios such as ‘what might have happened if another Jedi Master had trained Anakin?’ He uses information from both canon and legends.

His channel has become so successful that he’s making a Vader fan film, which he’s close to completing. He’s been posting behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot and has been providing updates on production.

The channel has 1.2M subscribers.

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3. Stupendous Wave

This next channel is Stupendous Wave. I don’t watch Stupendous Wave videos as much as others on this list. The channel deals with everything from character skills to explaining how parts of the Star Wars universe work.

Stupendous Wave has 932k subscribers.

2. Star Wars Reading Club

The Star Wars Reading Club is a Star Wars channel, but with a twist. Other channels deal with legends and canon continuity, SW Reading Club deals with legends. Though, it weaves in canon when necessary.

The channel has 172k subscribers.

1. NET Alliance

One of the most underrated channels out there’s NET Alliance. It has everything Star Wars related including rankings, versus and ‘what ifs.’ The channel is still in its infancy with 43k subscribers.

Next. LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars is here and it’s full of fan-favorites. dark


YouTube videos are the best way to share theories and ideas with a wide audience. There’re many channels out there. It was hard to decide what ones to include. I settled with the ones I knew the best.