How to watch Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 6 online


The First Order makes another appearance on this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance. Here are the details on how you stream the show online.

The stakes have been raised on Star Wars Resistance as Kaz came face-to-face with the First Order in last week’s episode. He definitely now knows that First Order has its sights on the Colossus, but he still has more digging to do.

If he thought he might get a reprieve anytime soon, he’s mistaken as the First Order is back again, with Captain Phasma (voiced by Gwendoline Christie) appearing in this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance. In this week’s episode, Kaz attempts to search for two missing children who have a sizable reward on their heads for being found.

In true Kaz fashion, he doesn’t consider why the children are being sought, but instead sees the dollar signs flashing before his eyes. He looks at those credits as a way to help Tam, which is noble. But getting that kind of money would still come with a cost.

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It turns out the First Order is also looking for the children, which means they should be no where near them. It’s likely Kaz ends up helping the kids and escape the First Order, putting himself in deeper trouble on the Colossus.

For someone who was is supposed to lay low, Kaz has done a good job of getting himself into trouble and getting all the people he doesn’t want to notice him to perk up.

Kaz is already on Captain Doza’s radar, hopefully Kaz’s actions in this episode will be so benign, the First Order won’t notice him.

Probably not.

Here’s the synopsis from Disney on Star Wars Resistance, Season 1, Episode 6 “The Children of Tehar”:

"Kaz searches for two missing children for a sizeable reward only to discover the First Order is also hunting for them."

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Here are the details on how you can stream Star Wars Resistance online.

Date: Sunday, Nov. 4
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 6, “The Children of Tehar”
TV Channel: Disney Channel
Live StreamStream 1

Tune into Star Wars Resistance Sundays on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET.