Star Wars: Episode IX: John Boyega hints at Finn wielding a lightsaber again


Looks like Finn will get to wield a lightsaber again in Star Wars: Episode IX provided John Boyega is to be trusted and this isn’t another red herring.

You will understand in a second why I say, if he is to be trusted. It’s not that I think he is an untrustworthy guy or anything like that. It’s just, well, we will get to that in a minute, because we need some back story before we get to talking about Finn wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode IX.

So obviously we all remember the last time Finn held a lightsaber. It was way back in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and before the movie even dropped we all expected him to be wielding one at some point.

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The promos, from the trailers to the movie posters, showed Finn wielding the weapon of the Jedi. So it wasn’t really surprising to see him use one in the movie. Fast forward to the present and we can all look back and see it was a big red herring to take the focus away from Rey.

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Which brings me back full circle to the question of can we “trust” John Boyega? Or is this another big red herring? Like I said though, it’s nothing against him or anything. It’s just this is a, we have seen this sort of thing before, what are you trying to hide now type situation.

So what happened was on Social Media a fan asked the following;

"“Hopefully my man @JohnBoyega will truly shine in IX and the Finn character will be shown as the badass hero I’ve been waiting for him to be since VII...and hopefully he’ll wield a saber again..”"

At which point John Boyega replied with the following:

"“We’ve got you in this one bro! TRUST me!”"

So can we take this as a matter of fact that Finn will wield a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode IX? If the answer is yes, then we need to ask, who’s lightsaber will it be? Or should we be viewing this as one be red herring again, takign our focus away from the major plot line that Star Wars wants to keep wrapped up, like Rey in episode VII? Or should we view both possibilities?

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