Star Wars fan theory: Did Rey kill her parents?


In one of the bolder fan theories in recent memory, a Reddit user made the case that Rey’s parents have been dead all along – by her hand.

Let me take you back to The Force Awakens. Think back to when you’re sitting in that theater, taking in the new aspects of the universe you’ve always loved and couldn’t wait to get more of.

Then, you see her. Rey. Basically, all you know about her is that she’s from Jakku, she’s a scavenger, and she’s Force sensitive. Still, as you grow more interested in her story and her training, one thing keeps popping back up: who are her parents?

Well, according to one Reddit user, it doesn’t even matter.


Because Rey killed them.

I don’t know about you, but this has to be one of the boldest fan theories ever, right up there with Darth Jar Jar and some of the other doozies. I will say that this user makes some intriguing points.

Here’s what they had to say:

"Was just watching TLJ last night and caught a line I hadn’t seen anyone mention, Kylo talking about Rey’s parents: “they’re dead in a paupers’ grave in the jakku dessert.” Now, he’s sure implying that with a lot of certainty, but as far as we know, the last Rey saw of her parents was them flying away in a ship (if that WAS her parents in that ship and not someone else)… how does Kylo know that they are dead?"

Okay, okay. Point taken, my fellow Padawan. It seems somewhat likely Kylo might know something about her parents. I mean, they were in each other’s heads for the whole movie, both of them trying to do their best impression of Professor X.

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I like the reference to the ship, which we saw flying away in TFA. In the vision, Rey seemed pretty upset that they were leaving, leading to the second part of the theory:

"Well, maybe one of the big twists in episode IX is that Rey pulled that ship down with the force (a theory I have seen elsewhere, not my original idea) she blocked it out, but now that she has met Kylo, she realizes she also killed her parents and is not so different than him, this is part of what brings them closer in TLJ, but we are not made privy to this detail of their memory exchange."

See, this is where it gets a little shaky for me. Yeah, it would be shocking to find out Rey actually pulled the ship down before her skills are even fully developed. Think about how unbelievable that would be – that’s like the equivalent to a kindergartner dropping 30 points in an NBA game. This would unquestionably make Rey the most powerful youngling that the Jedi would’ve ever seen.

I’m still in the school of thought that Rey’s either a Skywalker or a Kenobi. I’d like to see her in the Kenobi clan, mainly because it would give Lucasfilm an excuse to bring Ewan McGregor back to the franchise. Although, I low-key want to see Mara Jade and Luke revealed to be the parents. I’m pretty positive that if Keri Russell isn’t playing some brand new character, she’s playing Mara Jade.

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*Side note–who would pay to see a special episode of Maury, where all of Rey’s possible fathers are brought out before the fans? Just picture it: Han gets dragged on stage, only to find out that the lie detector test determined………..he’s telling the truth.

In all honesty, I don’t think I’d be able to handle this theory if it became a reality. The Last Jedi left me wanting so much more. I really do think Kylo is messing with Rey when he says her parents were nobodies. They’ve got to matter. They’ve got to. There’s no way J.J. Abrams would’ve pushed them so hard in TFA if he knew they meant nothing.

Like I said, one of the bolder theories in recent memory. Bravo to this Reddit user for putting it out there, but I think the odds of this one coming to fruition are pretty low–I wouldn’t bet on it.

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