Will we see surviving members of the Ghost Crew in the Rogue One series?


Fans jumped for joy when Star Wars Rebels Easter eggs appeared in 2016’s Rogue One. With a prequel Rogue One series in the works, will we get appearances from the Ghost Crew?

In the last week, news from Lucasfilm has revealed a prequel television series to Rogue One was in development. This news brought the return of Diego Luna, the actor who played Cassian Andor in the film.

With Luna on board, it’s anyone’s guess what the story will tell us, but it informs us it will be before Rogue One takes place. Characters from Star Wars Rebels may pop in as guests.

The animated series reunited fans with Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera who first appeared inThe Clone Wars series. Gerrera became the first original Clone Wars character to appear in a live-action project.


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Members of the Ghost Crew may appear in person or via holograms. We may have Cassian team up with unofficial member and Fulcrum founder Ahsoka Tano on a mission. He was one of three Fulcrum agents of the time with the third being Alexsandr Kallus. Another theory might include Cassian running into Zeb or Sabine.

Rogue One’s main events took place days before the events of A New Hope. The series may occur weeks, months or years before the film’s main events. The show might explain how Cassian met K2-SO.

There’s plenty of space between the end of Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One’s beginning for Cassian’s adventures. Cassian’s birth took place in 26BBY, four years before the Clone Wars.

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Since Hera’s indirect mention, she may appear. If she does, Jacen and Chopper might show up too.

We may even have Chopper on his own and Hera has tasked him with a secret mission.  R2-D2 and C-3PO appeared in the Rebels episode Droids in Distress. The possibilities become endless for our favorite cantankerous astromech.

If Cassian’s adventures go to Lira San, we may reunite with Zeb and Kallus who live on the planet. Though, it would depend on when the series takes place.

Whether Kanan will appear is debatable because the series could take place before Kanan’s death in 1BBY.

Rebels fans may wonder if Ezra may appear. The answer comes as maybe. The reason? We don’t know where in the timeline the series will sit and Ezra disappeared after Kanan’s death.

Teaming With The Ghost Crew

After Rogue One’s release, fans were hoping Cassian would appear in Rebels. Fans became disappointed the Battle of Scarif didn’t happen during the show’s run. It would be nice to witness it from Hera’s perspective.

Remember in Rogue One when Cassian kept breaking the rules? If he crosses paths with the Spectres, he could break the rules and join them. Though, the alliance wouldn’t be smooth. He could clash with Zeb or Kanan.

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Once you put all the factors into play, it’s possible we’ll see our favorite Rebels again. It would be great to have these two Star Wars shows tie together without explanations from the films, comics or books.

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