The nomadic scavenger known as the Star Wars Jawa


Ever since they appeared on screen in 1977’s Star Wars, the Jawa sparked a wonder into what they actually were. Glowing eyes covered in a brown robe appearing mysterious.

Standing just 3-feet tall, the Jawa’s main job was scraping droids and forming a codependent trade system with whomever they did business with that day. They were armed only with an Ion blaster that paralyzed the droids.

They traveled in a big, somewhat clunky Sandcrawler, a vehicle that made it easy to stock up and store droids or other items they would use to set up shop to potential buyers.

The Jawa falls under humanoid though no one is sure what is exactly under the robe. They had a somewhat peaceful relationship with the Tusken Raiders. Though the Jawa’s mostly stayed to themselves.

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To end any question, Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones, found a scene at Dex’s Diner. Jawa juice is brought up. Jawa juice IS NOT made out of Jawas. It is actually Bantha carcass.

The exact importance of the Jawa is not known and left up to the imagination. Whether they sold parts for people to leave Tatoonie or other locations.

They did seem to run a classic one man’s trash is another man’s treasure operation. The Jawas seemed to be passionate about their work. As they are often found at racing areas waiting for broken ships and vehicles in which to add to their parts catalog.

Jawas seems to use “Utinni!” as some sort of battle cry. In the aforementioned 1977 Star Wars, they seemed to have sold and or traded with Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker. As the two interacted with them as if they had indeed done previous business together.

No matter how they are viewed, the Jawas serve an important and somewhat under appreciated role in the Star Wars universe. Without them Luke Skywalker would have never come across his life changing message.

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What do you think if the Jawas? What do you think is under the hood?