Does Rogue One’s ending spoil the Cassian Andor series?


Things didn’t end well for Cassian Andor the last time we saw him. Knowing this, is the Cassian-focused prequel series worth much?

First off, let me say the announcement of a Cassian Andor series for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service is great news. Diego Luna’s portrayal of the gritty, willing-to-do-anything Cassian was a welcomed character addition to the Star Wars universe, and he helped make Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a fantastic entry into the Star Wars movie catalog. Not to mention the example Luna sets being a POC cast as a lead in a Star Wars production.

But given the grim ending of Rogue One, in which we saw Cassian and Felicity Jones’s Jyn Erso embracing as the original Death Star destroyed Scariff, doesn’t it spoil whatever will happen in the Cassian spin-off?

I would say yes, and no, and also it depends on where you fall on Cassian as a character.

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Yes, it spoils it. Objectively, Rogue One’s ending will cast a dead-man-walking shadow on Cassian from the jump. It’ll be hard for the show to present any kind of conflict/high stakes for him given the fact that we know he will survive whatever it is since the show is set before Rogue One. Going this direction of a prequel series does limit some of the suspense as we already know how the end of his life plays out, but…

No, it doesn’t spoil it. While the death limits any future Cassian developments, his backstory, a.k.a. everything that made him into the grizzled Rebel agent we meet in Rogue One, is water worth diving into.

The magic of a prequel is that we get to see the origin story unfold before us; this, in turn, makes whatever content it proceeds have more value as well since we know how one thing led to the next (like Rogue One did for A New Hope).

While the death limits the potential impact of conflict that Cassian faces in the prequel series, we’ll also get to see how that conflict shapes him into the person that we meet in Rogue One, which is intriguing character-building territory to explore.

These two points of yes or no tie neatly into if you care about Cassian as a character. Chances are if you didn’t care for him, his pre-known death will make your enjoyment of the show greatly diminished. But if you enjoyed Cassian (like I did), then you’ll be more than happy to learn about his dealings pre-Rogue One, and the death won’t prohibit you from enjoying the dive into his backstory.

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The Cassian Andor series is set to begin production in 2019.