With the new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts come new toys


Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures videos shorts debuted today, and Hasbro toy figurines are already on the way.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures debuted today with six new shorts, about a minute long. The shorts are interesting because they feature original audio from the movies just wrapped up in new animation.

It could be exactly what children are looking for to get hooked onto Star Wars. The artwork is well done and the shorts are well executed. And it seems Disney is in the long haul with this venture.

Hasbro revealed a new line of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures figurines, coming December 1 to Walmart stores, then nationwide in January. Each figurine pack comes with a mini-comic and a QR code to learn more about the characters.

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The figures will include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Leia and other fan favorite characters from the original trilogy.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures is really playing up the education factor of the story. It’s evident in the shorts where they’re all about introducing characters, showing them at their apex – even if that is Darth Vader slaughtering a group of rebels.

But it’s also clear on the packaging for the Hasbro figures as well.

The package blatantly asks who are these characters, giving specific labels to the characters like “villain” for Darth Vader and “scoundrel” for Han Solo.

Each figure stands 3.75 inches tall, and comes in a bit of a different packaging than we’ve seen traditionally with Hasbro’s Star Wars toys. It’s brighter with bursts of colors.

Photo credit: Hasbro

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Either way, Disney is pushing hard with the Star Wars Kids promotions with new shorts and new line of toys.

They’re available for pre-order now.