New showrunner for Cassian Andor series shows where Disney+ content is headed


With the announcement of the showrunner for the Cassian Andor-led series, Disney is showing they’re pushing hard for its upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

We have a star and a time period. And now Lucasfilm has tapped a showrunner for the Rogue One prequel TV series, which will be on Disney+.

Stephen Schiff, the executive producer from The Americans, has been named the new showrunnner, according to Deadline.

If you ever watch The Americans, I have one word: Wow.

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The Americans was a fantastic show full of fabulous acting, great dialogue, and moments that made sit on the edge of your seat. It never wasted a scene, making even the quietest ones filled with so much tension.

This announcement shows a few things about Disney and where it’s headed with the new streaming service.

1. It’s must-watch TV

As Disney is going to compete with already established streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, it will need to come with top-notch content right away.

While we have only been covering the Star Wars news for Disney+, there is already more content in the works for properties such as Marvel series as well. Plus, you’ll be getting the many popular Disney movies from over the last few decades that you would be able to queue up whenever you want.

2. Original content is key

If you’re like me, you have bought many movies on DVD and digitally over the years. So you can pop in or stream your favorites when you’re in the mood.

While the Star Wars films won’t be on the service right away, Disney is banking on the original content to keep viewers coming back day-after-day. Because without the original movies on there for a some time, what else will Star Wars fans look for?

The Mandalorian. Photo credit: LucasFilm

3. Star Wars will be a focal point

We’ve heard some about new Marvel shows coming to Disney+, but the big company still has two other channels it currently creates content for especially when it comes to children with Disney Junior and The Disney Channel.

Disney+ will likely have content for kids, but it seems it’s going after the adult market in the early leaks – after all, who has the money to spend on the service?

So far, Disney has announced The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars return, and the series based on Cassian Andor. The early info on Disney+ has been mostly about Star Wars as the company looks for a different ways for consumers to get their fill.

It seems like gone are the long years without Star Wars content, but there will be a regular onslaught of new stories coming from the Star Wars galaxy.

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Do you plan on getting the Disney+ streaming service? How do you feel about all the new Star Wars content coming?