Polish couple get permission to name their child after beloved Star Wars character


Have you ever wondered how much planning goes into naming our children? One Polish couple won the right to name their son after a Star Wars character.

If you’re a parent, you’d understand about the difficulty of naming your children. I’m not a parent yet, but I know of the trouble. My parents asked 5-year-old me to name my sister. That was a decision they’ve never let me live down.

Most parents consult name books or naming websites. Not Wojciech and Kinga Staszewski from Poland. Four years ago, the couple welcomed their son into the world. They wanted to give their little boy the middle name, Yoda. Yes, THAT Yoda. This report comes from Yahoo News.

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Parents often follow celebrity trends, but the Staszewski family chose Yoda because of how unique it was. However, they hit a snag when the registry and Polish Language Council refused to allow them to use the name. Now, you’re asking yourself why.

In Poland, no word could begin with ‘Y’. The parents believed Ioda or Joda didn’t have enough uniqueness and wanted Yoda as their son’s middle name. Can you blame them, though? It’s a cool name. The parents fought to keep their son’s name the way they wanted. Determined, they placed a counter-complaint with the PLC.

In the four years since their son can now be proud of his name. The boy’s name is now officially Igor Yoda Staszewski, thanks to his parents.

Igor’s father, Wojciech spoke to the Central European News agency about the situation:

"“I submitted the request in September this year, and after a month I received a call that there was an objection from the Polish Language Council.”"

Wojciech’s wife, Kinga also spoke the situation and revealed their son’s middle name, wasn’t her idea.

"“It was my husband’s idea. I am not opposed to breaking with tradition, I just liked how Yoda sounded so we both agreed.”"

The parents said the kids at their son’s nursery were talking about how Igor’s middle name was Yoda. They also said Igor has become a Star Wars fan.

The Staszewski family aren’t the only family who have had issues with naming registries.

A couple in France were banned from using the feminine name ‘Amber’ for their son. While a couple in Valenciennes were refused when they wanted to name their daughter Nutella after the chocolate spread.

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Another case in Wales popped up when a mother had boy-girl twins and wanted to name her daughter ‘Cyanide’ and her son, ‘Preacher’. Here the mother believed the name ‘Cyanide’ was a lovely name, but the court ruled that the name would be harmful towards the child as she grew up.

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