Age of Republic: Qui-Gon Jinn review


Qui-Gon Jinn kicked off the Ages of Star Wars maxiseries this week. Let’s see how he did.

I’ll just cut to the chase here – nothing big went down in the debut issue of Ages of Star Wars. I was really bracing myself for some eye-opening shard from Qui-Gon Jinn’s past to come to the surface, but nothing ever did.

That being said, the start to Marvel’s maxiseries wasn’t bad. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. The issue starts off with a bang, we get a small Obi-Wan cameo, and the rest of it is relatively quiet after that. Qui-Gon’s one-shot was simply…fine.

The story kicks off with what looks to be negotiations gone wrong (Episode I vibes, anyone?), leaving Qui-Gon to rescue Mistress Th’er. After being surrounded by purple Boss Nass (basically) and his forces, Qui-Gon does Qui-Gon things – he jumps up into the ship and deflects countless blaster shots in midair, half like when he bailed on the Darth Maul fight on Tatooine, all while clutching the mistress under his arm.

Like I said: Qui-Gon doing Qui-Gon things.

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After going back and forth with the mistress over what it means to be a Jedi, Qui-Gon meets with Yoda on Coruscant. Qui-Gon questions the ways of the Jedi and the Force, while Yoda explains that the Force is as misunderstood as those who use it. It was pretty deep – deep enough for Qui-Gon to up and go to another planet.

With the Force as his guide, Qui-Gon’s ship takes him to a pretty colorful-looking planet. It honestly looks like that first room on Willy Wonka’s tour of the chocolate factoryYou know, the one where Augustus Gloop (Porkins, in this scenario) face-plants into the chocolate river? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, as Qui-Gon is walking along the terrain, a cold breeze suddenly comes over him. As he hones his senses, he feels the darkness around him, “spreading,” as he put it. He eventually comes across a tree-looking thing that has grown up out of the ground, clearly a symbol of the Dark Side.

A rough sequence ensues, with Qui-Gon entering the living Force and combating it’s “inhabitants”. Eventually, after defeating his opponents, the Dark Side grows on his hand and spreads all over his body, causing him to wake up from his vision in a scare. The Light finds its way in through the Dark, and Qui-Gon concludes that the Jedi could become that which they fight against if they’re not careful.

Qui-Gon returns to Coruscant and reconvenes with Yoda to talk about his experiences (I’m calling it a mid-life crisis). The two Jedi decide what they already knew – no balance can be found in a path to the Dark Side (are you listening, Kylo?).

If you read this issue, there really wasn’t much going on besides Qui-Gon’s soul searching. Still, it was a solid start to the series, but I’m really looking forward to that Darth Maul release next week. You can’t tell me that one will have a lot of slow moments.

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