Star Wars: Theorizing on Snoke’s possible return in Episode IX


Snoke suffered an untimely demise which changed the course of the sequel trilogy, but could the villain return for Star Wars: Episode IX?

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi there were many moments that could be considered as shocking, but none may have been more memorable than the fate of the villainous Snoke. Many expected the supreme leader to be Sequel Trilogy’s main antagonist, but that was not the case as the mysterious villain was struck down by his own apprentice Kylo Ren.

This twist no doubt polarized the Star Wars fanbase with some liking it and others just despising it.

I, myself, thought it was good move because it made things unpredictable, though I can understand the apprehension about the twist. Regardless, Snoke suffered an untimely demise that changed the course of the sequel trilogy, but is this the last time we will see the villain?

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Star Wars: Episode IX is nearly a year away and the speculation surrounding this next installment is practically endless. With so many elements surrounding the finale I cannot help but wonder: is it possible for Snoke to make a return in Star Wars: Episode IX?

If Snoke were to return, then his resurrection would have to be handled with extreme care. For starters the film cannot just bring him back and act like nothing happened in The Last Jedi. Any move to shift Snoke back into the spotlight could contradict established elements in the overall story – particularly the direction of Kylo Ren.

Furthermore with so many factors playing into Episode IX, such as the possible involvement of the Knights of Ren, bringing back Snoke could come off as an unnecessary element. However, Snoke not being involved in Episode IX could also be problematic.

With his mysterious presence and the part he has played in shaping Kylo Ren’s character, the character has certainly played a role in cementing the new trilogy’s plot. With so much surrounding the character it would be strange to not have Snoke play some kind of role in the upcoming film, but again the filmmakers are going to be cautious if they choose to bring the villain back to the silver screen.

If Snoke’s return is indefinite then how could he be used in Star Wars: Episode IX?

Seeing that the dark lord was cut in half, a full resurrection may not be possible for Snoke – though that did not stop a certain Sith Lord from making a return to the series. As of this moment, I see two possibilities for Snoke to appear in Episode IX.

If the movie wants to keep Snoke dead then perhaps the film could use the character as a plot point for the story. In order to win the war Kylo Ren discovers a secret from Snoke’s past. This revelation could very well be another super weapon, which has been rumored for the movie, or a force power that Snoke knew about.

Either idea could be a way to bring new light to Snoke without him making a physical appearance, and if done well, it could even bring the story of the Sequel Trilogy full circle.

The other option, while more eccentric, would be to bring Snoke back as a force ghost. As many fans know dark side users are not known for transcending the physical plane as they tend to be more materialistic than the Jedi.

However there have been instances where some Sith have been able to cheat death. One in particular was a recent development in the comic series Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith where the ancient Sith Mormin was able to able to maintain his spirit within his mask and he could even possess beings who wore it.

Perhaps Snoke could pull a similar feat as his spirit could be connected to an object, say a ring for example, and he begins to manipulate Kylo so he can slowly takes control of his body. It may be different but making Snoke into a spirit could be beneficial. Not only would it allow Snoke to differentiate himself from other villains but it could expand on his character while not taking anything away from Kylo Ren’s development; and it could even set the stage for a spiritual duel between Snoke and Luke Skywalker.

Bringing back Snoke would be difficult but it is not impossible. The movie could use Snoke as a spiritual presence or it keep the supreme leader relevant by referencing him in the story; and either one could work. Like many things about Episode IX only time will tell if Snoke will play a role in this final chapter, but if he does I can only hope the villain will be used in a dynamic way that will benefit the sequel trilogy and the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

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Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled to release December 20, 2019.