Star Wars: Thrawn’s new novel is coming with a traitor in the midst


Next year will be huge for Star Wars books. Thrawn will resurface in a new book and a traitor will arise, but who?

Nothing says an exceptional villain like Grand Admiral Thrawn. A Chiss, Thrawn’s introduction came in the Legends novel, Heir to the Empire. Thrawn became obsolete when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, but in 2016, Lucasfilm resurrected Thrawn in a Star Wars Rebels episode, ‘Steps into Shadow’.

Since Thrawn’s reintroduction, Timothy Zahn has rewritten Thrawn’s origin story, not once by twice. The third book in the Thrawn series, Thrawn: Treason will take place before Rogue One. It’ll throw Director Krennic into the deep end when he and Thrawn meet.

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The first canon Thrawn novel introduces Eli Vanto as the deuteragonist. Vanto and Thrawn became familiar with each other while attending the Royal Imperial Academy. During the second Thrawn novel, Vanto is absent, but receives a mention. Vanto is due to return in Thrawn: Treason.

If Vanto is the traitor why would he betray Thrawn? He did so much for Thrawn, including helping him uncover what the Empire was planning with their superweapon, the Death Star.

If Krennic is the traitor, what does he gain? This is the first time Krennic and Thrawn cross paths.

One last theory is something the publisher’s summary mentions. Vanto reports to Thrawn with a warning about the Chiss homeworld. Thrawn will have to choose between his own people and his loyalty to the Empire. What if he chooses the Empire over his own people and risks putting his species in the near-extinction category? Talk about the galaxy’s largest Imperial bombshell.

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