John Boyega shares behind the scenes video but it’s not Star Wars: Episode IX


John Boyega has shared a behind the scenes video and fans instantly assumed that it was Star Wars: Episode IX. However, it’s not. It’s far from it.

We all can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode IX, which is why when we get the tiniest hint of the movie, we go nuts. That’s exactly what happened when John Boyega shared a behind the scenes video on his official Instagram. We all thought it was from Star Wars, but it turns out, it’s not. It’s far from it.

It is actually a behind the scenes video of him working with Cisco.

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The new behind the scenes video that John Boyega uploaded does not have any sound to it. Which further fueled the idea that it was from Star Wars: Episode IX. Because you know, spoilers. Check it out for yourself just below.

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Now the blue screen setting behind him is a clear sign that this is something to do with sci-fi, because that is the type of screens they commonly use. So again, more evidence of Star Wars: Episode IX. But if we then look at Boyega himself, everything is wrong. Most notably his famous jacket is missing, this is just not Finn.

So, looking back at what other behind the scenes video Boyega has shared on his Instagram and you will find this.

Same outfit, same setting, everything is the same. But in this Instagram video, he is clearly stating that he working with Cisco. So sorry Star Wars fan. John Boyega did not share a behind the scenes video of Episode IX. It was from Cisco.

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What do you think everyone? Did you think this was a behind the scene video from Star Wars? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.