The Mandalorian: Sabine Wren’s helmet spotted on set. Can we assume she is in the series then?


Sabine Wren’s helmet has been spotted on the set of The Mandalorian. So can we assume that the character from Star Wars Rebels will feature in the live action series?

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to The Mandalorian next year. With all the characters that have been spotted on set so far, the amazing cast that has been put together, and from the little we know about the plot, the live action Star Wars series is really starting to shape up into something brilliant. And now Sabine Wren’s helmet has been spotted making it even more exciting.

Initially brought into the universe in Star Wars Rebels, Sabine has been a talking point ever since the announcement of the live action TV series The Mandalorian. Plenty of fans would like to see the character come into the series, and it looks like that could be happening.

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A report from Making Star Wars explains how her easily recognizable helmet has been spotted on set. It cannot be officially confirmed that it is her helmet, but considering how easily recognizable it is, it’s hard to imagine it would be anyone else.

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There is the suggestion that Gina Carano, who is set to appear alongside Pedro Pascal, will appear as Sabine. We still don’t know exactly who she will appear as in the series, to be fair we really don’t know who any of the cast are playing, so it is possible and it is the leading theory so far.

Another possibility suggested is Sabine’s helmet will appear in The Mandalorian as a nice throwback to fans, but Sabine herself will not make an appearance. They might touch on the character, maybe give some backstory or explanation to where she might be in the universe, but not actually appear at all in the series.

The general consensus is, her helmet is there, but we still don’t know if Sabine is or not. However, we thought it could be a possibility and even put together a fan cast of who we would love to see play a live-action Sabine Wren.

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What do you think? Can we assume Sabine Wren is making an appearance in The Mandalorian? Or do you have another theory? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.