Previewing Star Wars Theory’s Vader fan film


The popular Star Wars YouTube channel is treating fellow fans to a fan-made Vader film. Let’s just say that it won’t disappoint.

For three straight Decembers, we’ve had something to look forward to when it comes to Star Wars. This year, Star Wars Theory is keeping it going.

In 2015, it was The Force Awakens. The year after that, Rogue One. Last year, The Last Jedi. It seemed like we were on a nonstop train with Lucasfilm as the conductor. This Christmas, Disney’s sitting this one out.

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But the streak isn’t over, my friends.

Star Wars Theory is here for us. Arguably the most popular Star Wars YouTube channel out there, SW Theory is treating us all to his own, fan-made, self-funded Darth Vader fan film. The film is being split up into episodes, with the first one – Shards of the Past – premiering on Dec. 20.

All of the videos about this have been more than encouraging. It’s only going to be about 15 minutes, but it’s still got me hyped. It’s focused on Vader just a few years after his defeat to Obi-Wan on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith. Padme and Mace Windu will make appearances alongside Vader and Palpatine.

It appears as though the film has been perfectly cast. Nobody can replace James Earl Jones as Vader’s voice, but it feels like Jesse Gomez is the next best thing here. The Palpatine voice is golden too, the Padme casting seems perfect, and Dupree Jones might be the next David Prowse. Let’s not forget the visual effects pro that Star Wars Theory brought in, a guy who’s going to make us feel like we’re in the theater for real. We’re in for a treat, my friends, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Look for some big time conflict in Vader here, teetering back and forth between what he did in Episode III and what he’s become with Emperor Palpatine. I’m guessing Padme will show up in a flashback, plus we will see a young Anakin at some point.

But here’s the best part – IT’S FREE. You can literally pull up YouTube on Dec. 20 and watch Star Wars Theory’s masterpiece like it’s just another one of his videos. This is a guy who put up a ton of his own money for the sake of making the fandom proud. He’s serious.

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So, fear not, my friends. The December streak lives on.