Snips: the evolution of Ahsoka Tano

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The first assignment and when the Padawan isn’t wanted

Anakin had stated to Obi-Wan he would never take on an apprentice because they’d slow him down. His words, not ours. Obi-Wan and Yoda put their heads together and decided Skywalker would receive a Padawan, though they’d have to be sneaky about. The green Jedi Grand Master knew the perfect student. He chose a 14-year-old Togruta, Ahsoka Tano because of her personal attributes.

Ahsoka’s first assignment didn’t go quite as planned. Anakin kept shrugging her off as an annoyance. However, during the mission, he accepted her as his student. Ahsoka started terrified of failing and thought Anakin would send her back to the Temple. During this time, Ahsoka became snippy toward her Master and gave him the nickname, SkyGuy, much to Anakin’s annoyance and Rex’s amusement. In return, Anakin rewarded his Padawan with the moniker, Snips.

Her spirits lifted when Anakin told her she’d make it as his Padawan. After sharing an understanding smile with his new charge, Anakin led her back to Obi-Wan. Once back at the base, Obi-Wan informed Anakin and Ahsoka, he explained the situation to Yoda. Yoda, who was present, goes to revoke Ahsoka from Anakin’s mentorship when Anakin cuts him off.

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Anakin told the masters he witnessed what Ahsoka could do and defended her. Ahsoka was forever grateful to him for pleading her case. It’s here that Yoda gives them their first official assignment. Jabba the Hutt’s infant son, Rotta had been kidnapped. Ahsoka, oblivious to Anakin’s past with the Hutts on Tatooine, heads off to get the troops organized.

Obi-Wan and Yoda, being aware of Anakin’s past, thought giving him and Ahsoka the assignment to rescue the Huttlet might help Anakin’s skittishness towards the Hutts.

Over the course of the mission, Ahsoka and Anakin’s bond grew to the point of understanding. Ahsoka came to understand there were topics that Anakin wouldn’t talk about including his life before becoming a Jedi.

Once they’d recovered Rotta, they were surprised at how young he was. Ahsoka thought Rotta was cute while Anakin remarked she would think otherwise when she saw a grown Hutt. However, Anakin’s animosity towards the Hutts ebbed a little during his time with Rotta. Though, her overwhelming positive energy might have had something to do with it.

The forming bond between Anakin and Ahsoka became crucial once they reached Tatooine. Sensing Count Dooku’s presence, Anakin announced it would be best if they split up. Ahsoka was reluctant to leave him, but he told her Rotta needed to get home. Ahsoka headed to Jabba’s Palace with Rotta and R2-D2 as back up.

Locked in combat with Dooku, Anakin fought the urge to kill the Sith apprentice when he played on his emotions. Dooku showed Anakin a hologram of Ahsoka and R2 facing off against MagnaGuards. A panicked Anakin realized he’d sent her to her death and rushed to Jabba’s Palace, hoping she’d be there before him. This showed that he’d become fond of his student and didn’t want to lose her.

On the way to Jabba’s Palace, Ahsoka, Rotta, and R2 get cornered by Dooku’s MagnaGuards. Tano, being the only sentient being who could fight, did her best. R2 jumped into the fight but got knocked out. Getting the upper hand, Ahsoka fought the battle bots before escaping to Jabba’s Palace. She saved the day, even saving Jabba’s life from Anakin’s rage.