Why did Solo flop at the box office?


Fresh off the bad taste of The Last Jedi. Star Wars finally had a flop on a movie that in reality should not have flopped, Solo a Star Wars story

After receiving mostly positive reviews the masses did not buy in to Solo: A Star Wars Story. That is a shame. Solo is a solid film and well directed. Yes, the film did have flaws. There is no skirting that.

There were well documented issues with the start of the film, which led to a change of directors. Original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had started it and were rumored to not going by the script they were and  were replaced by Ron Howard.

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Reshoots and add-ons created a ballooned budget to around $250 million. That is a difficult spot to try to navigate through. Although the end product was both solid and satisfying, it hurt the overall film.

Then there is the curse of The Last Jedi. Fans were left with a bad taste in their mouths and could have shied away from Solo due to concerns given the overall displeasure of TLJ. It may have simply been Solo was released too close to a fan-hated film.

Overall, the films cast was solid. There were things that did disappoint such as how Han got his last name. From an Imperial worker. Seriously? Then there was Lando’s uncomfortable relationship with his droid, which seemed both odd and out of place.

Given the miscues the film offers some good performances. Donald Glover as Lando was great as was Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke and Paul Bettany as the villain Dryden Vos.

The story while not spectacular was certainly better than the aforementioned TLJ. It still worked. Given all the elements the conclusion seems to be bad taste.

That is the true shame of it. Solo is actually a solid film that got lost in the shuffle of a Star Wars movie that hurt the next film in line which so happened to be Solo.

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If you have shied away before. Give Solo: A Star Wars Story a shot. It’s currently available on Netflix.