When will Star Wars Theory’s Vader Episode II come out?


Star Wars Theory, the creator of Vader Episode I: Shards of the Past, recently gave an update on the development of the next chapter of his fan film series. Here’s what he had to say.

For those of you whom are unaware, Star Wars Theory is a successful Youtube channel that recently produced and posted a fan film about everyone’s favorite Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

The fan film, titled Vader Episode I: Shards of the Past, follows the story Darth Vader eight months after the end of Revenge of the Sith and shows his inner struggles and grief after the death of his wife Padme.

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Released less than two weeks ago, as of now if has amassed over 4.5 million views, 346K likes and overall, very positive reviews from the fan base.

Don’t worry, I wont get into spoilers in this article, but I would highly recommend checking out Vader Episode I if you haven’t seen it already, as well as my personal review of the film.

Because of the fan films major success and as the title suggests, being the first episode of a series, many fans are asking what comes next and when we can expect Episode II to be released.

Star Wars Theory recently posted a video on his channel, titled This is How Episode II Will Happen discussing the background of producing his Vader film, and what it will take to make his next one.

In his video, he states that the next Vader film is going to require a larger budget. The first film was made at a budget of about $100,000, but the next one is going to require more money and is expected to cost roughly $250,000 to produce.

Theory goes on to say that his next film will require a lot more VFX and there will be more action and fighting. In it, Vader will get “thrown into a brick wall by a wookiee, he fights all these different alien Jedi who survived order 66, and of course, Mace Windu comes back.”  This all sounds like a much larger endeavor than that first film, which was much more dialogue heavy, so it makes sense that project would be more costly.

Like the first film, Theory stated that Lucasfilm placed a few restrictions on how he can get funding for the projects.

Firstly, despite the success of the first episode, Theory was not allowed to monetize the film, meaning that no ads were allowed to run on it, hence he collected no revenue from it. Secondly, these films are not allowed to be crowd funded, so getting the money to create these needs to come from his own personal savings.

According to Theory, the “when” of getting his film released comes down to how long it takes him to pay $250,000. He said that to do this he has a couple of ways of making money through his Youtube channel.

The main way is through Youtube views on his other videos, where are monetized so he collects ad revenue from them, as well as Patreon and Paypal, his merchandise and through views on his personal website’s traffic.

He also does pitch an alternative and potentially quicker way to get the funds, being a sponsorship from a company or wealthy individual, who would then fund the project is exchange for advertising their own product or company. Since the first film was very successful, the chance for a company or product to have their name attached to the second one would be great exposure. This might be wishful thinking, but it is still a decent possibility so its worth mentioning.

As of now however, Theory still plans on funding the film himself, and has stated that his plan is to start producing more content and videos on his channel because the more views he gets, the more money he brings in, hence the quicker the film gets published.

He also plans on releasing more variety on his merchandise store, including a copy of the poster from Vader Episode I, as well as exclusive content for those who donate to his Patreon.

As of now, Theory has given no time frame on when he will have the funds for Episode 2, but he definitively said that it will happen, and he has always planned on making several of these fan films, which is why he left the first one a cliff hanger.

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Myself and millions of other fans now eagerly await the release of Episode II, and if you want to support Star Wars Theory and help his fund his project, then be sure to check out his channel, because the more views we give him, the faster the film can get made.