The Mandalorian: Four old Star Wars characters who may appear

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Photo credit: LucasfFilm


Prior to the confirmation of Jon Favreau that IG-88 will be included in the Mandalorian, both he and Bossk were rumored to both make an appearance in the upcoming Disney+ show.

Like IG-88, Bossk is also an infamous bounty hunter, who’s known for his unique appearance of a green-skinned, humanoid, lizard man, which is a race of aliens later revealed to be named Trandoshans.

Bossk’s first appearance in a Star Wars film came in The Empire Strikes Back when he was hired by Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo.

He was only shown in the one scene and spoke no dialog. His most memorable moment in it was startling an imperial officer standing below him by hanging the claws on his toes off of the platform he was standing on and near the officer’s face.

Bossk can also briefly be seen in the background of a few scenes in Return of the Jedi, inside of Jabba’s Palace and on board the Khetanna.

Bossk is featured more predominately in both the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, but as for his live-action appearances, this is the extent of it.

Regardless, Bossk still his a very popular character from the original trilogy due to his unique design and if other bounty hunters such as IG-88 are going to be included, it would make all the more sense that he would too.

Either as a cameo or even in a larger role, the inclusion of Bossk would be a welcome one.