Star Wars Resistance has been renewed for a second season


Star Wars Resistance has been renewed for a second season and there’s a new mid-season trailer to check out for Season 1.

While Star Wars Resistance hasn’t hit me like Clone Wars or Rebels did throughout it’s first half of season one, it’s been a fun show to watch. We’re seeing more of what it is like to be a spy versus these big epic events that we’re used to seeing in the movies.

However, the show is giving us a closer look at characters that the movies wouldn’t spend quite as much time on. Kaz is a fun character who waivers in his seriousness. For the most part, he’s not too serious about focusing on his cover and instead just wants to follow his own lead. But he gets down to it when things are dire.

Star Wars Resistance is going to return for a second season and it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here. If the mid-season trailer is any indication, things are looking pretty promising. The show returns on January 13.

The First Order will play more of a role in the show going forward now that we know they’ll have a constant presence. This makes it harder for Kaz to get things done, but also will give him more opportunities to get information to the Resistance that could be useful.

At this point, I’m all in on what Star Wars is doing. I’ll watch the shows and movie and I’ll read the comics and books. There’s so much to dive into and even if Poe and Leia only make occasional appearances, Resistance fits into the bigger picture of things.

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The second season of Star Wars Resistance arrives this fall and the current season returns on January 13.