When does Star Wars Resistance return?


Star Wars Resistance is currently on winter break, but the animated series is set to return next month. We have the details here.

Star Wars Resistance went into its winter hiatus on a big note – Poe and Kaz learn the First Order is creating a massive amount of blasters, enough for an army.

While it took a break for a few weeks, the animated series is set to return on January 13, 2019. Disney’s press site for Star Wars Resistance shows three new episodes are slated to appear with the first one ready to drop in mid-January.

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Based on the descriptions for the next three episodes, it brings us back to life on the platform.

The next three episodes don’t seem to have any big reveals, but Elijah Wood is back reprising his role as Rucklin, Kaz’s nemesis aboard the Colossus.

The first half of Star Wars Resistance had some good moments. The two epsdoes that stand out from the batch include The Platform Classic, which developed Yeager’s character telling his background story. The Platform Classic was a fantastic episode because it gave heart to the people we are getting to know.

Another good episode from the first half of Star Wars Resistance Season 1 included Synara’s Score. It introduced the pirate Synara who infiltrated the platform has helped the pirates lead one attack on the platform already.

She is set to make her return this season and based on the synopsis for the Jan. 27 episode, it seems Synara will have a big decision to make. While she has grown accustomed to every day life on the platform, her pirates buddies have a different idea.

Star Wars Resistance Season 1 is set to return on January 13.

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