Star Wars Style: The Force Awakens Finn jacket


If you are looking to expand your clothing collection look no further than Film Jackets’ Finn Jacket for Men from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens introduced fans to several new characters, including the ex-First Order stormtrooper Finn. He is a nameless stormtrooper who is unable to follow Kylo Ren’s orders to kill Jakku civilians. He decides to leave the First Order but not before rescuing the captured Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. Poe gives him the name “Finn” and while they make a good team, they are shot down and crash on Jakku.

Finn is unable to find Poe, believing he died in the crash. He finds Poe’s jacket and puts it on while trying to figure out where to go. It isn’t long before he is dragged into the Resistance when Poe’s astromech droid BB-8 recognizes the jacket. Rey, who found BB-8, assumes Finn is a member of the Resistance and together they hope to bring them a piece of the map that reveals Luke Skywalker’s location.

Already the jacket itself has an interesting back story. This jacket is even recognized by a droid. So how does it compare to The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo jacket I previously reviewed?

Finn’s Jacket- Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Film Jackets – Jennifer Renson

Finn’s Jacket for Men, as seen in The Force Awakens, exceeded my expectations. Photos do not do it justice. For something that can be worn casually, it has a lot of character. For starters, it originally belonged to Resistance pilot Poe. While it suited him, it was meant for Finn.

As with any piece of clothing, it can transform the way we look and feel about ourselves. Finn’s jacket is no exception. By taking Poe’s jacket Finn has taken a new identity leaving his life as a stormtrooper behind.

Like the Han Solo jacket, it fit like a glove with one exception. While the Han Solo jacket was comfortable, Finn’s is both comfortable and flexible. This is made of real leather. The inside has viscose lining. It is roomy enough that you can wear layers underneath. While I hardly wear anything made of leather, this jacket may make me reconsider.

Although it can be a little heavy at first, it’s nothing I will worry too much about. I absolutely love how this was designed. The color choices are spot on. The dark red, black and beige colors blend really well together and will complement a casual outfit nicely. The ribbed sleeves are easily my favorite feature about the jacket as a whole. They run the length of my long arms with no trouble and the adjustable belt cuffs are a nice touch. You do not see sleeves like this on any random piece of clothing.

Finn’s Jacket- Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Film Jackets

It immediately gives off a Star Wars vibe. Like the Han Solo jacket, this will be turning a few heads. Even if fans of the films do not recognize it immediately, they will find it familiar. I received a sample jacket in exchange for an honest review.

By comparing the Women’s sizing chart from the previous Han Solo jacket I went down to size extra small.

I cannot compliment this jacket enough. The quality is exquisite and while for some, wearing a jacket that does not close in the front designed with a multitude of pockets may not be for them, it was an absolute fit for me. As long as the weather cooperates, I intend on wearing this to the movies when Star Wars: Episode IX is released.

Finn’s jacket is available on and you can find more Star Wars jackets by visiting the Film Jacket’s Star Wars Jacket Collection. This jacket has received mostly positive reviews online and it’s not hard to see why.

If you are looking to cosplay Finn or simply want to add a touch of your fandom to your everyday style, give this jacket a try. Star Wars never goes out of style.

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