Perhaps Star Wars can take some cues from Star Trek’s new TV series


Star Wars and Star Trek both have two new TV series on air or on the way — maybe LucasFilm can take a few lessons from the other space show.

With streaming services the wave of the future, companies are creating as much original content as they can. Disney is no different with its service coming later this year as it has announced two new Star Wars live-action series.

The announcements have fans excited with The Mandalorian, which seems to be shaping up with a solid cast and led by Jon Favreau, and the Cassian Andor series, bringing Diego Luna back to reprise his role from Rogue One.

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These two series have one glaring thing in common – they are male-led TV series, but I would love to see a female-led Star Wars show sometime soon.

That’s something Star Trek is moving forward with. Star Trek: Discovery has Sonequa Martin-Green front and center. And it recently announced a Michelle Yeoh-led series, a dynamic character who got too little screen time in Star Trek: Discovery.

I know there are going to be people screaming about SJWs ruining Star Wars and we don’t diversity or some nonsense shoved down their throat.

Here’s what I say to that: it’s not being forced, it’s our reality.

I love this franchise because I fell in love with Princess Leia. Here was this amazing, strong-willed, awesome character that fought side-by-side in the rebellion with her male counterparts. As a kid, she was the one I looked up to and wanted nothing more than to be that kind of princess. She was no damsel in distress, but also did her fair share of saving.

Star Wars keeps banging the same drum over and over. It’s time to look outside its safe walls and start considering ways to expand their universe by expanding the characters that appeal to different audiences.

Interestingly enough, while Leia is an amazing character, there are few other women from the original trilogy that stand out. There’s Mon Mothma and … Mon Mothma.

It’s no wonder that fans have gravitated to many of the animated female characters like Ahsoka, Sabine or Hera. The movies do a nice job of bringing women to the forefront, but there are still steps Star Wars needs to take to catch up to Star Trek on the TV show front.

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Perhaps it’s time they boldly go to someplace they haven’t gone before.