The case for Luke Skywalker being alive in Episode IX


J.J. Abrams has the chance to save Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode IX. Abrams should bring him back and give the fans what they want.

We know that Mark Hamill has shaved his beard ahead of Star Wars: Episode IX. So why would a Force ghost have need to shave? Also the blue lightsaber was destroyed.

So what, you say?

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While it is possible that Luke as a force ghost could instruct Rey how to build one, why not have Luke show up and give fans one last thrill?

A thrill that could include a showdown with Kylo Ren or whoever is truly in charge. with the blue lightsaber gone, enter perhaps a green-bladed lightsaber.

Imagine that moment. Luke not dead. Not only not dead but finally to enter battle again.

That is what needs to happen. Certainly a director like Abrams understands this. That one of the most important characters in the whole Skywalker saga should not simply die from projectile levitation. The way out is to bring him back and give him the screen time he is due.

It is something fans have longed for since the Sequel trilogy was announced. This would go a long way in fixing damage done while being embraced by the fan base. To have Luke’s story end the way it seems to have is a lost opportunity.

I’d like to see Luke Skywalker back in Star Wars: Episode IX, but not just as a Force Ghost, but alive.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to come out December 20.