The Mandalorain: Jon Favreau teases droids we are looking for


Jon Favreau continues to get fans excited for The Mandalorian. Late Monday night, he treated fans to an Instagram picture of R5-D4.

Jon Favreau continues to get fans excited for The Mandalorian with his little teases of the upcoming live-action Star Wars series.

His most recent tease featured R5D4, the little droid that could.

When we last saw R5-D4 his motivator was blown allowing R2D2 to continue his mission of delivering Princess Leia’s message to Obi Wan Kenobi. Fans that have read From a Certain Point of View know that R5-D4 was once a part of the Rebellion and was captured on Tatooine following a secret mission.

He also faked blowing his motivator even after finding R2-D2 attempting to sabotage him. R2-D2 explained that he was carrying plans to the Death Star and the Rebellion needed R5-D4’s help. Shortly after his “droidicide”, Stormtroopers overtook the sandcrawler and R5-D4 escaped to find the Rebellion once again.

The photo on Instagram is a close up of R5-D4 in pretty rough shape. Based on his appearance I am going to gamble that he had some misadventures after his Oscar-nominated performance as a paper weight.

If he was able to find the Rebellion, it doesn’t look like they cleaned him up at all. With The Mandalorian taking place shortly after Return of the Jedi, we may not get to see how R5-D4 fared in joining his rebel pals, but this photo is hopefully evidence that we get to see him make more than an appearance alongside the lone gunfighter.

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The Mandalorian is set to appear on Disney+ later this year.