Star Wars: Episode IX: The deeper meaning behind Kylo Ren’s new mask


Kylo Ren’s new helmet for Star Wars: Episode IX says a lot about the character. We look at the deeper meaning behind the imagery.

One of the leaks that has come out of Star Wars: Episode IX has to do with Kylo Ren’s mask. If you remember, he destroyed it in a temper tantrum, but credible leaks have said his helmet has been re-forged.

Though Kylo Ren’s helmet isn’t just simply glued back together. The cracks have been sealed back together with a red substance – glue or an epoxy – but something that will make it seem as though harsh red lines are cascading throughout his helmet.

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This isn’t the type of thing Star Wars – more specifically – J.J. Abrams would do. There has to be a deeper meaning behind the imagery of Kylo Ren’s fractured, but re-forged mask.

While we haven’t seen it yet, there have been some descriptions of it from leaks that give us a good feeling as to what it would look like.

Picture it: A black mask that has been fractured and broken with blood red streaks zigzagging through it to hold it together.

It’s a pretty terrifying and stark image, especially when you consider Kylo Ren’s anger issues. It perfectly embodies Kylo: darkness on the outside with the rage and anger seeping through. Kylo is also badly broken and barely holding on by what keeps him together.

The thing that keeps him going is that rage – that anger that Snoke constantly tried to tap into and pull Kylo over to the dark side.

And now in Star Wars: Episode IX that rage has bubbled over to the point where it can be seen. Think about it, first Kylo Ren had his tantrums in semi-private going off into some corner to kick and scream and force-throw objects.

In The Last Jedi, he had no qualms in hiding it, screaming at people to kill Luke Skywalker in a ridiculous over-the-top outrage of canon blasts – which didn’t actually do the trick.

Now, his rage is out in the open, but it seems it could be a bit contained, however it’s always there on the surface ready to seep through – just like his new mask.

Kylo Ren is expected to be the Surpreme Leader of the First Order, but his bigger story is whether he can be redeemed. Or even if he should be redeemed. His new helmet will play a role in a sense that it will give him the scary, other worldly appearance that helped Palpatine and Snoke seem so powerful.

But underneath it is just an angry man.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on December 20.