Chewbacca: Star Wars’ unsung hero


With so many amazing characters getting the spotlight in Star Wars, we take a look at one of the most overlooked in the saga.

It’s easy to be overlooked in Star Wars when you spend every day next to Han Solo. But Chewbacca has been a key player in almost every major adventure of the Skywalker saga. His bravery and unwavering selflessness have led him to save countless lives, while making a deep connection with millions of fans. All of this in spite of a considerable language barrier.

And yet, he is still relegated to the term “sidekick”. It’s time the Star Wars universe appreciates the mighty Wookiee for who he really is: a hero.

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Long before he and Han spent their time evading bounty hunters, Chewie was a major player in the Clone Wars.

When the Separatists waged war on his home planet of Kashyyyk, it was Chewie who stood alongside Yoda, and protected the Grand Master from any harm. Now, clearly Yoda did not need assistance as he decapitated two rogue Clone troopers, but it was a heroic gesture nonetheless.

So it was only natural that after he failed to defeat Darth Sidious in the wake of Order 66, Yoda went straight back to Chewie for help.

At this point, Sidious had convinced most of the galaxy that the Jedi were evil. But Chewie knew better, and maintained a steady devotion to the greater good. When Yoda needed him most, Chewie was there with an escape route to solitude.

Think about that for a moment. If Yoda had not safely escaped the Empire and gone into hiding, there would have been a massive imbalance in the force, and Luke would never have received his proper training. In helping Yoda board his pod to Dagobah, Chewie played a crucial role in the survival of the Jedi.

Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story]LucasfilmChewie and Han are perhaps the biggest heroes of the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars: Episode IV. The galaxy would have been a much darker place had Darth Vader’s TIE fighter not been blasted by the Millennium Falcon during the trench run. But afterwards, Luke blows up the Death Star, Han and Leia’s budding romance continues, and of course, Chewie is left with no form of proper recognition.

Not even a medal.

But part of what makes Chewie so special is that he isn’t in it for the awards or accolades. He does whatever the mission needs him to do, regardless of where the spotlight may land.

Chewie’s darkest moment occurs on Starkiller Base. While executing the plan that he helps create, he is forced to helplessly watch his best friend, Han, be struck down by Kylo Ren.

But Chewie never lets his personal interests get in the way of the mission, even in the face of great tragedy. He fights through his grief, boards the Falcon without his co-pilot, and flies Rey and Finn to safety.

Throughout his life, Chewbacca has consistently done the right thing. Sure, he’s roasted a few porgs, but who can blame a guy for thinking with his stomach?

Chewie is not a Resistance commander or a Jedi Master. He has no obligation to the cause, and he certainly does not owe anyone any favors. But Chewie continues to dedicate his life to helping those in need.

As Star Wars: Episode IX approaches, many questions remain about how the Skywalker saga will conclude. But what is not in question is that Chewie remains right at the forefront in the battle against the Dark Side. If anyone in the Star Wars universe defines what it means to be a hero, it’s Chewbacca.

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What do you think? Does Chewbacca deserve more love?