Reddit claims to have the leaked Episode IX title


Reddit is claiming to have the leaked Star Wars Episode IX title complete with a photo. The likelihood of this being true is minimal but just in case —  potential spoiler ahead.

As fans recently waited on a Star Wars: Episode IX title on the day Disney had its earnings call, there were rumors, suggestions and plenty of jokes circulating online. But waiting for any Star Wars news has been like watching paint dry.

So when ‘news’ hits, fans leap. When potential leak of the Episode IX title hit, this is no different. The title while plausible is not without fault. You can see it here where it originated on Reddit. And we were all waiting that day for a title drop because of Anthony Daniels’ cryptic tweet.

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Star Wars: Balance of the Force

That’s the supposed Episode IX title that a person is claiming was found in a site code. However, it should be noted there is a Star Wars pinball game with that exact title, so a little photoshopping to make this happen wouldn’t be too hard.

IF — that’s a big IF — this were true, It certainly fits with the Star Wars good vs evil, but It also seems a bit misplaced given the first two films in the sequel trilogy: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

This one sort of falls in between and frankly a little flat for the final chapter of the Skywalker story.

The rumored Balance of the Force does fit into the whole “chosen one” Skywalker theme that we have had ever since A New Hope.

You notice the purple lettering too, then it could be the red and blue lightsaber colors combining to make that color. Good vs. evil meeting in the middle.

No way to tell if this is the real title, but it’s likely false. There will be a time for that. Until then we will speculate and bring you every angle presented and see what is the truth and what if fiction. That is the fun part of being a fan.

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Episode IX is scheduled to come out worldwide on December 20.