Star Wars: Episode IX: Predicting the Millennium Falcon’s fate


The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy was under new ownership in The Last Jedi. In Star Wars: Episode IX, will it pass on to a familiar face, someone new, or stay put?

You know the story–she made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, outran countless TIE fighters and Star Destroyers, and introduced us to Han and Chewie. The Millennium Falcon is one of a kind. In Star Wars: Episode IX, we’ll see her in action for what could be the final time.

Although she had a few captains, the face of the Falcon was, without a doubt, the scruffy-looking nerfherder. With Han out of the picture (R.I.P.), she was passed down to Rey, while Chewie kept his co-pilot status (avoiding an uprising from fans).

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In Episode IX, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Falcon. Right now, Rey’s still got it, but with Lando coming back on the scene, I’m betting he makes a play for it. We know the guy’s a gambler, so it’s easy to picture him wanting the Falcon back in his possession after seeing it for the first time in years.

It’s easy to say that Lando will reclaim the cockpit or that it’s Rey’s to lose, but to me, there are a few other options that are still in play. Let’s run through some of the more intriguing ones.

Chewie takes it for himself

Now, I don’t mean this like Chewie is going to say “screw you all” and jack the Falcon for himself. Although that would be both shocking and satisfying, that’s not what I mean here.

No, I’m thinking that after the final battle between Rey and Kylo, Rey gives the Falcon to Chewie because that’s who it really belongs to. He was Han’s right-hand man for years and years, so it only makes sense that he should be the one to keep it.

*Notice how I am 100% assuming that Chewbacca lives through Episode IX. Could he die? Of course. Will he, though? No. This man is a tank.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Ben Solo takes his father’s place

Say Kylo turns back to the Light at the end of Episode IX. Say Leia and the gang just sweep his cold-blooded dicing of Han under the rug and welcome Ben back with open arms. Personally, I think Kylo’s gotta go in Star Wars: Episode IX, but let’s just pretend that this fairy tale ending is the one we get.

If J.J. has Kylo redeem himself (please no), it only makes sense that he’d be the one to captain the Falcon. It was his dad’s prized possession, so it’s safe to assume that he would’ve wanted Ben to have it. Maybe he even keeps Rey and Chewie on the crew–or maybe this scenario isn’t even an option. We can only hope.

The Falcon meets her demise

Nobody wants this to happen. Nobody wants to see the Falcon crash and burn like we’ve seen countless TIE fighters do. She deserves better than that.

If Abrams does indeed decide to off the Falcon, she had better go out in style–I’m thinking something along the lines of how Thrawn’s did in the Rebels finale. Of course, a lot of fans are already upset with the sequels, so killing the most beloved starship in the franchise wouldn’t help matters. Still, if it’s going to happen, make it count for something–that’s all I ask.

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What to you think should be the Falcon’s fate in Episode IX? Let us know in the comments.