Star Wars Episode IX leaked art: What was missing from the photos


With any new Star Wars leaks, we focus on the known, but there was a lot we didn’t see in the latest Episode IX concept photo leaks.

The recent Star Wars: Episode IX leaked reference art showed us so much. It gave us a look at new aliens, updated looks for Rey and Poe, and a peek at the repaired helmet for Kylo Ren.

While these leaked photos haven’t been confirmed from Disney, there is a feeling that these are legit. So Star Wars fans have been combing through to pick up whatever they can from these images.

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But one thing that is notable is what we don’t see.

While we apparently get a glimpse of Richard E. Grant and Dominic Monaghan’s characters, noticeably missing are any indications of what Naomi Ackie, Keri Russell and Matt Smith represent. There have been rumors on all three of their roles, but those are less concrete – and in the end just rumors and speculation.

The leaked reference art is great. It shows a lot without giving too much away, but admittedly I’ve been intrigued by the new actors and their roles, and we have yet to learn anything about them.

Ackie has been rumored to be Lando Calrissian’s daughter or a Resistance fighter. Maybe both. Russell’s rumors have been fewer with really more speculation as to what she could be doing. Here are two established women who have made marks in the roles they have played and there hasn’t been too much to learn about what they’re doing just yet in Star Wars.

With Matt Smith, he’s been rumored to play a Knight of Ren of or even Emperor Palpatine in a flashback.

While we don’t know much, I’ll just keep staring at the new art to find any subliminal messages.

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Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20