Favorite art I’d like to see from The Art of Star Wars Rebels book


The Art of Star Wars Rebels will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Here are my choices for favorite art that I’d like to see in it.

The “Art of” book series isn’t anything new for Star Wars. I’ve checked out the previous one for The Last Jedi and these books do not disappoint. There’s always specific art that’s bound to be included in these books and I have a couple of things in mind that I’m looking forward to the most in The Art of Star Wars Rebels.

For Hidden Remote, I had a chance a while back to chat with Taylor Gray, who voices Ezra in the show. By then, I was already loving the stories the show was telling. They brought back familiar faces and introduced us to plenty of new ones to fall in love with.

One of my favorite things to dive into is the character designs. Each character likely went through a few iterations before they landed on the versions we see in the show. I always find it interesting to see what the artists started with and how they approached the final concept for each one. One that stands out in particular is Ahsoka because we saw plenty of her in The Clone Wars, but she aged quite a bit between that show and when she appeared in Rebels.

When you’re looking at the live action movies, the set designs are a bit deal. A lot of work goes into them, and I think the same can be said for the animated shows. Even though they aren’t physical sets, nailing the looks of various locations is crucial. How those came to life in the animated show is another aspect of the art that I’d love to see more insight on.

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I’m honestly looking forward to everything that the book will give us, but the characters and locations are two of the big ones that I want to see get a good amount of attention in the book. (Ship designs are fun to see, too, though.)

The Art of Star Wars Rebels will release on October 1 and you can pre-order it on Amazon.