Star Wars: Episode IX: Principal photography has completed


J.J. Abrams has confirmed principal photography for Star Wars: Episode IX has completed.

Even though December 20 seems so far away, every day something new happens that reminds us that it is closer than it seems. Today, may be the last day of filming of Star Wars: Episode IX based on social media posts from crew members.

We have seen several actors post about their last days, and now even crew members are showing off their goodbyes. We were tipped about the posts by Star Wars News Net on Twitter.

Update: J.J. confirmed in a tweet that filming has completed:

So what does this mean?

First off, it means that the story is complete. There is a chance for minor changes and shooting some scenes that need to be re-done. But, if indeed, principal photography is over, the story is done.

Secondly, it could also mean that a title and trailer are extremely close.

There is a rumor that some UK theaters have received the first Episode IX teaser. But we are still waiting to get confirmation — and indeed wait to see it ourselves.

Also, it’s also kind of sad. I know that Episode IX has come with its share of backlash based on some of the reactions from the sequel trilogy. But, in reality, this is the end of an era for Star Wars.

The Skywalker story was rekindled back in 1999 with The Phantom Menace. Then, we got The Force Awakens nearly 20 years later. There are so many fans who have been there from beginning (with A New Hope) and so many more who started their journey much later. All in all, they are all coming at Episode IX from a similar place — knowing this is the end of the Skywalker saga.

You can check out the Instagram stories of crew members here and here, but they won’t be available for much longer, so click fast!

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Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.