The Mandalorian: Do you want the Star Wars series all at once or weekly?


With The Mandalorian also reportedly done filming, we discuss just how the live-action Star Wars series could arrive on Disney+.

Star Wars: Episode IX isn’t the only thing that finished wrapping up recently. It actually seems that on the same day The Mandalorian, the live-action series slated for Disney+, also finished filming.

It’s interesting that the series already completed and we have a long way to go before we get the first episode – especially considering Disney+ hasn’t even launched yet and we don’t have a concrete date. But it’s coming and when it does, we’ll be ready.

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It does make you wonder how the live-action Star Wars show will be streamed. Will we get all episodes at once? Or will Disney release them weekly.

I prefer weekly based on my watching preferences from over the years. I can binge watch with the best of them, but I like having something new every week. It builds up storylines better and there’s something to be said for really good cliffhangers.

Undoubtedly, plenty of fans are going to be talking about The Mandalorian with or without weekly cliffhangers, but I feel a weekly format will help build momentum and buzz around the show.

While I personally prefer a weekly format, I could see why Disney could go the binge-watching route.

Once a series is out there, there is so much talk surrounding it with fans and critics talking about the show non-stop for that first week. Plus, this way it gives Disney+ plenty of content at its initial release.

You also know not everyone watches shows when they first come out. Not all of us have time to sit there and watch five episodes in one sitting – heck, I’m only on Episode 3 of The Punisher’s second season and it’s been out for a few weeks now.

Either way Disney decides to give us The Mandalorian, we’ll be watching. But we could use some teasers and a trailer. Maybe even a new image or two.

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How would you prefer The Mandalorian to arrive on Disney+? In a weekly format or all at once?