Star Wars: Every SPOILER and good rumor we know about Star Wars Episode IX

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A First Order traitor

The Resistance is vastly out-numbered heading into Star Wars: Episode IX. They lost a great deal of people as they were wiped out by the First Order. When General Leia put out the call for help, no one arrived.

It seems like the odds are not in the favor of the Resistance, so how will they be able to overcome the First Order?

One rumor suggests that there’s a traitor in the First Order. If the rumor is to be believed it seems as though General Hux will betray the First Order. Though it may not seem he does it outright.

Some different rumors say that he is captured by the Resistance and they manage to get intel out of him. If that’s the case, it could really give the Resistance the upper hand perhaps an edge they didn’t have before.

I could see this happening. Hux and Kylo Ren never got along. Hux was a brown noser of the highest form, and that’s not going to work on Ren since they were both vying for Snoke’s admiration.

With Ren in charge, I could see Hux changing allegiances … maybe. The one issue I have is thinking that he would go willingly. While Hux is a sniveling you know what, he also grew up in the First Order and I have a hard time believing he would give it all up because he doesn’t get along with Kylo Ren.

Perhaps he sees the First Order is not the organization he grew up in and doesn’t kill without mercy anymore.

Rumor level: Low

To be honest, this doesn’t really come from the most reliable of sources. I feel like it was thrown out there a few times from different people, but it’s easy to pick up a rumor one person starts and then pretend you heard it too.

This is internet.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But I wouldn’t be banking on this one to happen in Star Wars: Episode IX.

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Those are the all the good rumors (and one bad) that we have on Star Wars: Episode IX so far. Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.