Star Wars: Every SPOILER and good rumor we know about Star Wars Episode IX

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Photo credit: LucasFilm

Kylo’s new mask

OK, it isn’t technically a new mask, but Kylo Ren’s headgear will look a bit different in Star Wars: Episode IX. The dark sider wrecked his helmet in a bit of rage and it seems it has since been restored.

Yet much like Kylo’s face, it has been marred and left with nasty red streaks where the helmet was put back together. We’ve heard this rumor in a couple of different places that make us feel good about it too.

That was before the leaked concept art showing what the mask would potentially look like.

The thing about the mask is that it goes deeper than the aesthetic of it. Kylo Ren has all this rage inside of him and it bubbles up. This is a manifestation of that rage, showing that Kylo is cracked and broken.

He may think he has put himself together after all the craziness since The Last Jedi, but he really is just one wrong move from unraveling once again.

In the grand scheme of things, this probably isn’t the biggest of Star Wars rumors, but it is one that seem legit and has a purpose, which makes it one of our faves.

Rumor rating: Very high

This rumor has come from multiple sources in different ways. We feel great about this rumor and can’t wait to see what Kylo Ren’s helmet will look when Star Wars: Episode IX hits the theaters.