Star Wars: Every SPOILER and good rumor we know about Star Wars Episode IX

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi..BB-8..Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd. via IMG Press

BB-8’s new sidekick

BB-8 has spent his time in the Star Wars sequel trilogy rolling around and causing up trouble. It seems trouble might be coming his way in Star Wars: Episode IX as a new droid is rumored to make an appearance who is supposed to be a type of sidekick.

Supposedly, the sidekick is from the game Battlefront 2 and goes by the name of Dio. According to Wookieepedia, Dio is an ID-9 seeker droid. It has a very clingy type of personality, which you could easily see why it would be annoying.

However, other than the initial rumor not much else has been said about the new droid coming to Episode IX. There was a different droid pictured in the reference art, but it’s unclear if Dio and that droid are the same.

It would make sense for BB-8 to get another friend. He’s done a bit for the humans, but it seems he also comes as the comic relief. Having BB-8 show off its personality a bit more toward an “affectionate” droid could create more laughs.

Dio would have practical uses as well. It has been able to hack doorways and electrocute others, both of which could prove useful.

Rumor level: Moderate

While it’s certainly plausible and coming from good sources that have shown to have other good intel, we’re not sure about this one. It’s not as clear cut as the others.

Star Wars will undoubtedly add new characters, but it seems like the Millennium Falcon is filling up fast with all the new people coming on board.