Star Wars: Every SPOILER and good rumor we know about Star Wars Episode IX

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New elite stormtrooper

Here’s another leak from Star Wars: Episode IX, so if you only read further if you want to know a juicy tidbit.

While Star Wars is synonymous with the Force, and Jedi and Sith fighting each other, it’s also known for the stormtroopers. There have many different variations of them depending on where they are needed ranging from grunts to an elite level.

Episode IX is apparently introducing a new stormtrooper, according to a spoiler from Making Star Wars.

Apparently, it called something like Red Dead Trooper, which is a red trooper with black stripes. This stormtrooper is definitely not of the grunt variety. According to the report from Making Star Wars, it’s a hybrid trooper that can fight on the ground and in the air.

Beyond the new colors, it will also have a new helmet.

Star Wars fans love the story, but the aesthetics are also thrilling as well, seeing the amount of details the crew puts into the costumes and designs is a lot of for funs.

There is a red First Order pilot in Star Wars Resistance, but these two don’t seem to be related.

Red has also been a strong color within the First Order and especially The Last Jedi. These might also replace the Praetorian Guards seeing as Kylo Ren and Rey wiped them out in the last film.

Rumor level: Very high

It wouldn’t be surprising to get a new stormtrooper. Why? Money. No, seriously. New characters means more sales in toys. Also, Making Star Wars has been very reliable and his sources seem legit.