Will Star Wars: Episode IX actually bring happiness to the fan base?


Star Wars fans are rabid. They are also vocal. They have no problems making their feelings well known. Director J.J. Abrams says that Episode IX will leave fans “satisfied.” But can it really? That is what fans are now waiting for.

Star Wars has its fair share of fanatics. It is hard to please any fan base on a regular basis. J.J. Abrams has his work cut out for him, but many wonder if everyone will ever be satisfied. Take for instance when The Force Awakens came out. Fans said it was too much like A New Hope.

The Last Jedi was a whole other beast. Many fans did not like the overall film but keyed in on a couple things. New character Rose Tico became a target of disdain and director Rian Johnson became public enemy No. 1 fans keyed in also on the ending with Luke Skywalker and did not hold back.

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It seems the directors are in a lose-lose position. They can make a great movie and fans will pick it apart. It is safe to say no matter what Episode IX brings, there will be fans who do not like aspects of the film. No matter how good it is.

In my opinion, the only way Abrams can come close to pleasing fans is if he brings Luke Skywalker back (not in Force ghost form) and gives Lando a something more than a cameo. While giving R2-D2 and C-3PO more screen time and perhaps one last go round of importance.

What Abrams can not do under any circumstance is kill off another classic character. That would be enough to make and already agitated fan base go over the top with anger. Abrams needs to walk a fine line and deliver a film that will keep fans at bay.

May the Force be with you Mr. Abrams.

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Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide December 20.